How to Determine the Authenticity and Era of Consignment Finds…continued

Most go through this ritual because they have seen someone else do it, therefore pretending to know what they are looking for. Similar to when we go through the wine tasting ritual when the Wine Steward pours our wine. Seldom do we know what we are supposed to be doing, but we know we are supposed to look like we do…


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How to Determine the Authenticity and Era of Consignment Finds

Determining the age or era of furniture will relate to technology and it’s influence on craftmanship. Finding clues is more helpful in telling you what a piece is not rather than what a piece is…

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Consignment Vs. Garage Sale

Not to mention the part where you need to make yourself available to every stranger (emphasis on strange) who wants to…

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How to Paint Furniture You Buy At Consignment Shops…Continued

Now that you have sanded and primed your item, the next step is to apply the exterior paint color you have chosen…

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How to Paint Furniture You Buy At Consignment Shops

Frequently customers will pass up a table, chair, dresser, etc. because it is not the color they had in mind. Their reasoning just blows my mind! Ugh! Please listen to me,” lipstick and rouge” that’s all it needs to become exactly what you want!

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What is the Difference Between Middle and High-End Furniture? Continued…

Let’s start with the basics. A well constructed sofa consists of the following details: 5/4 kiln dried hardwood (like oak), sometimes ash…

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Buy High-End For Less At Consignment Stores!

Why so much”? This is a question I hear regularly. When shopping consignment stores it is important to educate yourself on what makes an item better than another. Let’s explore and scratch the surface of the difference between middle and high-end furniture.

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